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The Influencer Boom and Branding Engagement

In a private life. However, recent changes have been disrupted the way in which businesses are going to be connecting with their customers in the digital social arena.

The most effective brands are often the agile and you have to work with the punches to see success. Here are a few things that are changing for branding in 2018 and how you can embrace these concepts for your business:

The Influencer boom

Like Facebook, it’s good for influencers. In order to curb the spread of fake content, Zuckerberg has recently changed the algorithm for the newsfeed section of the site. It’s meant to show less media content, more people content-ie content from regular users. This means that if you’re an influencer, you just got a big boost.

Companies now want to connect with influencers who have a large following that they engage and understand. It wants to become one of the most popular ways to impact consumer behavior. Hopefully, Facebook does not want to start influencers as businesses and pinch their content from newsfeeds as well. We’ll see. This is the second algorithm update Facebook has just made the newsfeed in just two years. So, they may have their fingers on a trigger.

Aligning Ambitions

Getting an influencer on board with your service or product is NOT about asking them to promote and hashtag it on their newsfeed. It’s all but that, and consumers want to smell a rat. Most savvy influencers do not agree to promote their audience in that way anyway. It’s all about understanding the ambition of your brand and aligning that with your target consumer and their goals.

Learn about the factors that influence your target market and try to understand your influencers‘ goals. Force-fed marketing on social media (even through an influencer) wants to negatively affect your brand trust.

Higher Brand Engagement

Whether or not they are motivated, the engagement rates between consumers and brands have never been higher. A recent survey discovered that 1 in 3 consumers would mention a brand while sharing a personal accomplishment on their feed. Now companies are catching up on the impact of social media engagement and their audience through various channels.

According to a recent Instagram survey, at least 80% of users follow a brand on their network. That’s huge considering it’s free marketing if you’re that brand. Despite the leverage did a brand can have through this type of engagement, 89% of messages silently go ignored . Branding in 2018 is about meeting your audience at their level and getting a conversation going.

The longer the internet is around, the smarter people become. You usually get no chance for a second impression. Social media can be a great marketing tool, or it can be unforgiving. It depends on how well you stay on top of the trends. If you believe in your audience, that should not be too hard anyway.