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The Three Social Platforms You Need to Optimize Your Brand

There are a lot of things you can do to engage your audience on social media, but are you doing it in the right place? Social technology is disruptive and although some channels, like Snapchat, far exceed usage than other legacy platforms like Twitter, no one is buying much off of Snapchat. So, it’s not always about the numbers, but knowing where your audience lives and engaging them effectively

First Do Your Research

Before you open a bunch of accounts on different social platforms, it may do you some good to conduct a little research into where your audience lives. The best way to do this is by employing a social media monitoring tool to establish where your brand is mentioned the most. Some great sites for monitoring include:

Not all platforms work for all companies. If you own a restaurant, you may find the most leverage on Instagram from foodie lovers. If your business is more tech oriented, LinkedIn may be where your audience congregates. The idea is to understand how each one works in its own way to optimize business.

The Top Three

Although social media was established on socializing, the idea for you is to do business. Therefore, platforms that attract a much younger audience, may not be the best place to focus your attention (unless your product/service is specifically teen related). The following are the top tested and true social platforms to help optimize your brand:


Facebook was pretty much one of the first and it will always be huge, but there are a lot of other great reasons why it’s a good place to house your digital marketing strategies. For starters, people spend three times as long on Facebook, as they do any other platform. The “sticky effect” is phenomenal.

Additionally, Facebook Power Editor is a super user-friendly tool that the platform created to assist you with any marketing campaigns you want to run on the site. The Facebook Power Editor also has detailed parameters to ensure you are targeting every audience you want to drill down in your markets.


When it comes to influencer marketing and making connections, LinkedIn is key. Establishing a business page on LinkedIn not only networks all of your employees as a community, it can seriously drive your ROI. According to a recent study, 41% of B2B marketers put it at the top of their list—over Facebook. It’s simple. Business owners just seem to prefer LinkedIn.

Additionally, statistics have shown that LinkedIn may be the most successful when it comes to product launches. A whopping 81% of companies surveyed stated it was their prime platform for launching. People will always go to LinkedIn when they want to do business and spend money.


Simply put, Twitter is one of the best places to spy on your competition. Through hashtags, you can do some active social listening as to what people are saying about your brand. This type of information can be used to gain insight on things like product implementation timelines and digital marketing strategies.

Tweets are also indexed by Google, which means they ultimately reach a much wider audience than people even realize. This makes Twitter a favorite for search engine optimization. Not to mention, 50% of buyers are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on Twitter. The numbers don’t lie.

Honorable Mentions

Of course, depending on your business, some of these platforms may not work at all for you. That is why it is important to test your metrics and look at your numbers every quarter to see where you’re at. The following are also some platforms that companies have had great success on:

No matter where you choose to focus your social media marketing tactics, as long as you make a concerted effort to understand and engage your audience you’ll always see success.