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Social Media Monitoring Solutions for Agencies

What started as a means of simple communication, social media now empowers businesses small and large to reach greater audiences with more relevant information. Whether you run enterprise media or a small agency, a social media monitoring solution is critical for addressing the right people who’ll listen to your message.


According to recent estimates, the number of worldwide social media users reached 2.34 billion and is expected to grow to around 2.95 billion by 2020. Social media is super important for agencies to streamline their business and connect with the right people.

An accurate social media monitoring partner can make an agency run faster and smarter. Here are a few additional benefits to working with a monitoring company today:

Multi-Channel Marketing

An agency that practices active social monitoring can use the information to combine both online and offline behavior. Social data can be utilized to target and optimize campaigns. The same goes for connecting different platforms online. In fact, a recent study showed that 70% of agencies are managing their client accounts on at least three platforms, the major ones being Facebook, AdWords, and Bing.

Real-time Conversations

Omni-channel monitoring also makes it easier to have conversations with clients in real-time. It’s almost impossible to monitor every avenue simultaneously through human efforts. Companies like Social Industries can provide robust marketing automation through dedicated social monitoring and listening.

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This means if there is ever an issue or complaint it can be addressed immediately, rather than sitting on your page unanswered. This allows an agency to make more informed business decisions and streamline their process.

New Clients

Real-time conversations can also lead to a sale. Modern consumers can be impatient and if their questions aren’t answered quickly, they tend to move on to your competitor. Afterall, it’s as easy as clicking the mouse these days.

That means, the faster you can address any questions or challenges they have, the more likely you are to close the deal. People love personalization and when you customize your messaging, you get greater brand loyalty.

Save on Resources

Automated social monitoring means you can reallocate some human resources to more important tasks. Teams can be leaner and more efficient while cutting down on the time it takes to create, tweak, and manage digital marketing campaigns.

Having dedicated digital resources is like another team look out for your agency. A recent survey found that 12% of digital agencies spend more than half their time on paid search, while 5% admit to spending the majority of their time on it. Automating anything means more time for innovative ideas that drive the overall business, rather than wasting time on busywork.

Revenue Growth

A social media monitoring company like Social Industries can also help drive growth and increase ROI. An agency can integrate social data into their campaigns for laser-focused niche marketing that is highly relevant to potential leads. Automated optimization also allows a brand to connect 3rd party platforms like Google Analytics. This enables you to further maximize revenue through convenient and consistent access to sales data.

Smart Insights

Social monitoring will identify which of your campaigns are performing well and which are doing poorly. That way a business doesn’t have to waste more money running an ad that doesn’t work. They can instead focus the funds on the ones that have proven successful.

Competitive Analysis

Agencies are in a market of high competition so it’s somewhat important to keep track of what other organizations are doing. Social monitoring allows for easy competitive analysis by reporting back on what your competition is doing. You can use it to watch their successes and failures. A wise agency will learn from the mistakes of others, before making the same.

Consistent reports on social data will allow a brand to maintain a competitive edge. This can spur further innovation and growth. It makes it easier to streamline workflows, acquire new clients, and maximize revenue.

Social Industries makes social monitoring for agencies effective and lucrative. They combine creative automation, social listening, and superb customer support to meet all of your social management needs.

The idea behind modern technology is to have the robot do the menial work. The more an agency can automate their workflows through processes like social monitoring, the more time they have for strategic thinking. And when humans have the space to be creative, great things can happen.

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