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Social Media Monitoring Solutions for Recruiting

One of the best ways to get a buzz going about your business is to start with social media monitoring. Job markets are constantly shifting and one of the main ways to locate prime talent is to put your ear to the digital rails.

Social media is massive, with almost 3 billion users slated to be on at least one platform by the year 2020. That means, when it comes to recruiting, this is a medium that cannot be ignored. Social media is the first place to look for today’s top teams.


42% of employers stated their biggest challenge was finding the key talent they need. That’s why hiring a social media monitoring agency like Social Industries is an important step to competing for the right people. It can help a business identify in real-time where people are looking and exactly what they are looking for. Some primary advantages of monitoring include:

Ongoing Engagement

To attract the main players, you have to make your brand desirable. Social monitoring gives a company insight into the needs and desires of potential candidates. This allows your organization to craft relevant content that will engage people and draw them to your business. The more consistent social monitoring you employ, the more informed you’ll be on what to offer people that will entice them to work for your company.

Driving Conversation

When you know what people immediately say online, you can address them right away. If a prime candidate is being courted by several brands and they have a question, social monitoring allows you to be the first to answer it. This drives further brand trust and engagement for the talent.

Participating in active conversation shows that your business cares enough to address a candidate’s needs even before they are a part of your organization; even before they have an interview. That stands out to people.


Digital savvy companies know that in addition to selling services and products, they can also use social media to sell themselves to potential employees. A robust social media monitoring solution is a wise way to stay ahead of the game and locate the best talent on the map.

Specific Platforms

You can also use automated monitoring to perform certain tasks on specific platforms. Set triggers for main keywords or job titles to search a site. LinkedIn has a specific section for job posting ads that the platform directs to candidates’ inboxes. You can use social media monitoring to determine when there is an audience around certain job titles and themes, then instantly approach the talent.

Boosted Posts

86% of the most qualified candidates for open positions are not actively seeking a new job and are already employed. That means you need to get creative about putting your brand in front of them. Facebook boosted posts are an ideal way to narrow your focus and target specific industries or areas that best apply to your needs.

You can develop a full recruitment ad campaign and hire a firm like Social Industries to assist with monitoring. They’ll help you identify key posts to boost in real-time. Social monitoring will recognize where your potential candidates are most engaged and guide you in the right direction.

Hire the Best Talent

A recent survey demonstrated that 73% of candidates are passive job seekers which implies your brand needs to be as proactive as possible to score the best teams. Social media monitoring services can help recognize the social platforms where your top talent resides. Then you can address relevant questions and comments pertaining to the position or industry.

Social monitoring and analysis will show a business exactly what their potential employees are searching for and how to meet their needs. Hiring talent is never difficult when you have targeted marketing automation in your back pocket.

Multi-Channel Recruiting

70% of agencies recently surveyed said they use at least three major ad platforms: AdWords, Facebook, and Bing. A social media monitoring service allows a business the freedom to advertise across multiple channels and showcase their most relevant content.


This also involves the ability to mix both offline and online data to build a 360-degree view of your future employees. An agency like Social Industries can help you monitor, identify, and manage the multiple channels where your candidates congregate and send you instant notifications. This type of social data allows a recruiter to act fast and hire top talent before the competition.

Social media monitoring is particularly important for recruiters because the industry needs to stay on top of trends at all times. In order to continuously hire key talent, a brand must be a fly on the wall to assess the desires of their talent pool. This allows a business to perform segmented marketing that attracts the best candidates to drive your continued success.

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