Social Industries Blog: Social Media Advertising Solutions for Recruiting Social Industries Blog: Social Media Advertising Solutions for Recruiting

Social Media Advertising Solutions for Recruiting

Finding the right kind of talent can be a difficult task. Not only does the candidate need the proper skills and experience, they need to fit seamlessly into your company culture. Business moves fast and there’s not a lot of time to waste on people that don’t match up. In a recent survey, 42% of employers stated their biggest challenge was finding the key talent they need.

Digital savvy companies know that on top of selling services and products on social media, they can also sell themselves to potential employees. A robust social media advertising solution is the way to stay ahead of the game and find the best talent out there.

Boosted Posts

Every company on planet earth should have a Facebook business page. This is the top social media platform in the world, so you better believe a lot of people will see your stuff when you market it right. That involves boosting posts.

After political scandal, Facebook deeply altered their algorithm, making it almost impossible for a business to be seen by normal people. Advertising was virtually shut off unless you put up the cash. However, the good news is that Facebook advertising is very cheap and once you place some dough, you’re in like Flynn.

Since 86% of the most qualified candidates for open positions are already employed and not actively seeking a new job, you need to be creative about getting your brand in front of them. Facebook boosted posts are also a great way to narrow your focus and target specific industries or areas that you deem the most fruitful.

Create a full recruitment ad campaign and hire a firm to assist. A social media advertising agency like Social Industries will help you identify key posts to boost in real-time. Social monitoring can recognize where your audience is most engaged and guide you in the right direction.

LinkedIn Job Ads

Another prime place to discover new talent is LinkedIn. They have a specific section for job posting ads that the platform directs to applicable people’s inboxes. It allows you to put your brand in front of users who not only fit your description, but are actively seeking employment.

Make sure your ads are engaging and promote the culture of your company. Sponsored content and inmail are other features LinkedIn offers to reach the right professionals—at a faster pace. A social media management service can guide a company through creative content and targeted campaigns with proven results the fit the LinkedIn platform.

Win Over the Top Talent

73% of candidates are passive job seekers so a brand must be driven to build the best teams.


Social media management services can help identify the social platforms where your top talent resides. Social listening and analysis will show a brand exactly what their potential employees are looking for and how to meet their needs.

Sourcing and acquiring talent are never difficult when you have full-powered marketing automation in your back pocket.

Omni-Channel Recruiting

70% of agencies recently surveyed stated they are managing accounts on at least three major ad platforms: Facebook, AdWords, and Bing. Using a social media management service allows a business the freedom to advertise across multiple channels and showcase the most relevant content.

Additionally, omni-channel optimization involves the ability to mesh both offline and online data to have a 360-degree view of what your future employees will look like. An agency can help you monitor, identify, and manage the channels where your future employees congregate and notify you in real-time. The social data allows a recruiter to act fast and nab the talent before anyone else does.


Not everyone can go at it alone these days. Not only do brands need the right tools, they also need social savvy services to manage them. Social Industries helps companies recruit only the cream of the crop through segmented marketing and instant referrals. That means, the recruiters that see the highest rates of success, know how to delegate when the time is right.

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