Social Industries Blog: Social Media Advertising Solutions for Agencies Social Industries Blog: Social Media Advertising Solutions for Agencies

Social Media Advertising Solutions for Agencies

Whether you’re an independent digital agency or run enterprise media, someone needs to worry about your digital marketing. As a brand makes efforts for their clients, they still need to strategize for their own business needs.

The right social media advertising partner can make an agency faster and smarter. An agency needs a service that is flexible and stimulates growth.


Social Industries managed services allows companies to simplify their processes and study competitors. Here are just a few of the ways in which this type of service can offer a solution for an agency:

Win Over New Clients

One of the single biggest challenges for agencies is sourcing and acquiring new clients. Social media managed services can help identify innovations on social platforms.

Social listening and analysis can give you real-time answers, so you can make more informed business decisions. By understanding your audience, we can provide you with the latest innovations and more relevant features.

Maximize Revenue

A social analytics service maximizes revenue by allowing an agency to integrate all of the tools in their toolkit. Automated optimization permits a company to connect 3rd party platforms like Google Analytics. This enables you to further maximize revenue through access to sales data.

Additionally, you can optimize the performance of your campaigns through artificial intelligence and rule-based features. Then a brand can quickly pull any campaigns that are performing poorly, and boost those that are performing well.

Dedicated Resources

By using social media management services to simplify tasks, you can make teams leaner and more efficient. That’s because agencies can drastically cut down the time it tasks to create, manage, and tweak campaigns.

With dedicated resources, it’s like another team always looking out for you. In fact, a recent survey of digital agencies found that 12% spend more than half their time on paid search, and 5% spend most of their time on it. This can all be automated to the point where 0% have to spend any time on it.

Efficient Workflows

Smarter and faster workflows mean a more effective use of time. Growing a paid social presence is not an easy task. However, social management software can automate repetitive work and support the complexity of digital advertising.

True Sky

All of which inevitably help an agency optimize their return on investment. When a brand can copy, bulk edit, and mechanize a campaign across multiple accounts, channels, and clients, it frees up time for more strategic thinking.

Omni-Channel Optimization

An agency can combine both online and offline behavior through a social management and analytics service that can monitor, alert, and notify in real-time. Social data can be used to target, optimize, and measure campaigns. In a recent study, 70% of agencies stated they are managing client accounts on at least three major ad platforms: AdWords, Bing, and Facebook.

Competitive Analysis

Through consistent reports on social data, an agency can truly maintain a competitive edge. A brand can set keyword alerts of companies they consider competition to monitor what they are doing right—or wrong. Not only does this inspire further innovation, it can help an agency avoid common pitfalls and obstacles.

Efficient social management enables people to focus on innovation and growth. It makes it easier to acquire new clients, streamline workflows, and ultimately, maximize revenue. Omni-channel marketing is the future for digital agencies, and automation will drive you there fast.

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Social Industries makes online advertising for companies easy, enjoyable, and effective. They combine creative automation, social listening, and outstanding customer service to meet all of your social management needs.

We partner with advertisers from industries search as real estate to B2B and entertainment. Contact us to learn how we can help you succeed in Facebook marketing.