Social Industries Blog: Social Media Advertising Solutions for Gaming Companies Social Industries Blog: Social Media Advertising Solutions for Gaming Companies

Social Media Advertising Solutions for Gaming Companies

When it comes to the gaming industry, managed services are almost a requirement. Whether it’s mobile apps or real-money gaming, it takes a lot of time to bring a product to market. That’s why it’s essential to have a social analytics and monitoring partner to optimize your brand.

International video game revenue is estimated to be over $100 billion so there’s a lot of competition. To keep your edge, you need the right tools. Social Industries is an agency that focuses on analytics and deep monitoring. When it comes to the gaming industry, expect some of the following benefits from using an analytics team:


Artificial intelligence spurs an increase in performance because you are automating processes. Save time and manpower by assigning the robot the tasks. A gaming company can boost performance by always running relevant creatives. With social media management service, you can rotate ads sets based on factors like frequency, time, or performance.

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AI can be used to optimize time-sensitive campaigns in real-time to boost performance (and other metrics). Automation also allows you to use ad studies to thoroughly test your content. Then you simply run the campaigns that perform the best.

User Acquisition

Social media analytics agencies, like Social Industries, means an increase in user acquisition through continued engagement. The more relevant your campaigns are, the higher quality the players will be. Automation allows you to analyze social data to establish actionable insights.


Automate and scale your business by streamlining workflows. Daily tasks can be optimized through AI rules with MMP and S2S data. Additionally, the more social data you collect the better you will know your customers.

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Then you can run some A/B testing to targeted groups to make more informed business decisions.


Managed automation allows you to fight ad fatigue which leads to higher quality audiences. It enables a gaming company to increase results and scale volume. You can then present only the best campaigns and reallocate budgets from those underperforming.

Performance-based rules and triggers means less manual labor. No more physical monitoring when your team can set social alerts. Then study the data and go from there.

Competitive Analysis

Social media management services enable a gaming company to maintain a competitive edge by consistently reporting on social data. Set keyword alerts of brands you consider competition and watch where they make mistakes. Then don’t repeat them. Just the same, pay attention to their wins.


Let you inspire you.

Market Opportunities

Studying social analytics allows a gaming company to instantly seize market opportunities. You can identify consumer trends by setting social alerts. It drives brand awareness that leads to a competitive edge. Social Industries has robust reporting that can help to easily identify market drifts.

Increase Revenue

There’s no doubt that a social media management service will increase your revenue in several ways. You will save on labor costs and resources. Access to extensive big data will improve workflows and increase sales. You can tweak campaigns based on cohorts or in-game events like day 7 yield, tutorial complete, or IAP. Many platforms also offer exclusive alphas and betas.


As a gaming company, you may not have the time for social tasks. Managed automation will give that back to you. The key is to have the right social management team that supports the complexities of social advertising. Not only does it enable you to optimize your process, it strengthens brand loyalty and increases revenue.

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