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Social Media Advertising Solutions for Retail

From fashion to grocery, all retail requires some form of digital marketing and analytics. Localized advertising can bridge the gap between your online store and your brick and mortar. It’s about developing solutions that will drive traffic and create a personalized experience for consumers.

The retail industry is currently worth over $ 3.5 trillion dollars and is growing rapidly. That means you have a lot of competition. To truly win at retail these days, you must know your customers as thoroughly as possible.

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Social Industries is a social media monitoring and analytics service that allows you to stay aware of social data at all times. Some of the solutions that a business can benefit from include:

Interactive content

Creative content really drives consumers and a good social management team can help you get there. Why not reimagine your storefront on a website? By combining branding with product discovery, you’re engaging consumers through multiple channels and concepts. Consider mobile-first ad formats as well as the highest level of interactivity.


The more you know your customers, the easier it is to sell to them. Personalization is uber important to consumers. In fact, 79% of consumers report they are only likely to use a brand’s promotions if they are tailored to previous interactions.


Social analytics provides retailers with the data they need to effectively target their marketing.


It’s easiest when you can keep all your tools in one. Services like Social Industries allow you to integrate all of your third-party platforms. That way you have everything in one spot. This also helps to create a 360-degree view of your consumers and streamline the sales funnel.

Omni-Channel Optimization

Social monitoring and alerts wants to enable a retail store to combine both offline and online behavior. This allows you to optimize your performance on every channel. Data from offline sales can be used to target, optimize, and measure campaigns. For example, a product that does well in your brick and mortar store you may consider running a sale online to maximize your return.


Perhaps one of the best qualities of a social media service is the ability to automate processes. From prospecting to retargeting, you can „set it and forget it.“

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Automation allows for a retail company to dynamically update things like offers, availability, and pricing. This can also be drive brand awareness throughout the sales funnel while simultaneously prospecting.

Advertise Locally

Practice localization by posting your targeted circulars online. You can use store-specific and up-to-date info to create the greatest relevancy for your customers. Allow your store to offer hyper-localized ads that encourage people to engage further online.

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Local advertising can pave the transition from offline to online.

Market Opportunities

Studying social analytics allows a retailer to seize market opportunities. Setting social alerts helps a business identify consumer trends. It drives brand awareness to gain a competitive edge. Social Industries has robust reporting that can help to easily identify market drifts.

As a retail company, advertising in the social arena is not an easy task. Neither is growing your paid presence. The key is to support the complexities of social advertising. Not only does it enable you to optimize ROI, it strengthens brand loyalty.

Our platform lends itself to retailers of all sizes and industries. From superstores to chain stores, grocery and pharmacy, start running digital campaigns that convert into foot traffic.