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Social Media Advertising Solutions for E-Commerce

Whether you’re a marketplace, subscription service, or multi-product store, managing a social presence for e-commerce can be a challenging task. You need monitoring, analyzing and alerting on social data.

Special considering in 2017, retail e-commerce sales worldwide to 2.3 trillion dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion dollars by the year 2021. That means it’s a highly competitive market and you need the right tools to stay on top of your game.

Social Industries provides a variety of social media management services for e-commerce in the industry. Consider the following advantages for your business:


Local targeting is still important for e-commerce. Consumers love personalization. Data-driven advertising at scale is about creating an experience for the buyer. In fact, 79% of consumers state they are only likely to use a brand’s promotion.

Localization is part of that and a social analytics platform can make it much easier to meet each other on their doorstep. You can even run multiple regions from a single account.

Consumer Trends

It’s much easier to recognize market opportunities when studying social analytics. Having a team monitor and set social alerts can help identify consumer trends. This not only gives you a competitive edge but drives brand awareness as well.

A good social analytics service wants to have robust reporting that can help to easily identify market drifts.

Identify Brand Advocates

Social monitoring allows to e-commerce store to identify who their greatest advocates are by putting your ear to the rails. It’s easy logic. The more a certain consumer is talking about your brand, the more of an opportunity to reach out and turn them into an advocate. You may think influencers are powerful, but brand advocates want to get their friends and families to be fans too.


One of the greatest benefits of a social analytics service is the ability to automate tasks. This allows a business to be shared while still maintaining a lean team. Less manual tasks mean more abilities to automate things like prospecting, customer acquisition, and retargeting.

Managed automation allows for an e-commerce company to dynamically update things like offers, availability, and pricing. This can also be drive brand awareness throughout the sales funnel while simultaneously prospecting.

Lastly, automation allows you to save time with branded creatives and campaign creation. The use of templates and scheduled social media management simplifies workflows. It means your team has more time to focus on driving.

Competitive Analysis

A social management service enables e-commerce business. You can keep track of how they maintain their social accounts. Not only can this inspire further innovation, so it can not make any mistakes.

Maximize Revenue

Social analytics management serves to maximize revenue by allowing a variety of other tools in their toolkit. Automated optimization enables e-commerce organization to connect 3 rd party platforms like Google Analytics. This allows you to further maximize revenue through access to sales data.

Additionally, you can optimize the performance of your campaigns through rule-based features and artificial intelligence. Therefore, if one is underperforming, you can save it and not wasting your time further.

As an e-commerce company, advertising in the social arena is not an easy task. Neither is growing your paid presence. The key is to have a company like Social Industries to support the complexities of social advertising. ROI, the results will strengthen brand awareness and track product development.

So we partner with advertisers from industries search as real estate to B2B and entertainment. Contact us to learn how we can help you succeed in Facebook marketing.