Managed Social Media Monitoring, Analytics & Alerting for more Social Intelligence.

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Our Managed Services

Simplify Your Social Media Operations.

Managed Social Analytics

  • Analyze Social Media Data
  • Competitive & Industry Data
  • Consumer Trends
  • Market Opportunities
  • Executive Reporting

Managed Social Monitoring

  • Find Brand Advocates
  • Identify Logo Usage
  • Analyze the Competition
  • Analyze Media Channels
  • Training, Support & Reporting

Managed Social Alerting

  • Multichannel Monitoring
  • Shitstorm Alerts
  • Verified Account Alerts
  • Keyword Alerts
  • Instant E-Mail Notifications

Social Media Consulting

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Managed Advertising
  • Campaign Support
  • Facebook Parent / Child
  • Social Media Guidelines

Expertise & Technology

Managed Services for real ROI.

We offer businesses a team of online experts with social media experience. They are equipped with the right toolbox to reduce the time needed for social monitoring, analyzing, and optimization.

Take action by our powered insights.

Our dedicated analysts index business-relevant social media attributes in real-time. Within social data we uncover sentiment, influence, demographics, psychographics, and consumer buying signals.

Less Noise. Better Data.

Our dedicated monitoring team searches the web and indexes data relevant to your business and discovers vital insights within the billions of conversations happening online every day. Be the first to act on the next big opportunity in your market.

Meet The 24/7 Member of Your Social Media Team.

Our "Buzzalerts" help make sense of data, inform you quickly when content takes off, and always keep an eye on things when you're off the clock. As soon as we detect any unusual activity on a social profile, we’ll send an instant notification. You’ll alway be informed and be ready to counter it. Read more on www.buzzalert.com!

Social Media Strategy Services.

Our team of account managers and data scientists set up, run, and optimize your Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Thereby, we combine social media expertise with proprietary technology to offer managed services focused on ROI and help your organization to become a social business.

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A few of our amazing customers.

Social Industries helps entire organizations. Whether it's a business, international agency, or enterprise corporation, we help you extract real business value out of social media through effective social media monitoring and analytics.

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Platform & Content

We listen to customers at scale.

Social Industries has instant access to conversations from every corner of the web as they happen. Our coverage represents a large source of public data, so we can listen to all your customers, wherever they’re talking.

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